For some, putting on headphones, going to a concert, or blasting music from their speakers can only be done properly with a bit of Earth’s favorite plant: cannabis! For some songs and albums cannabis is downright integral to the experience. Tell me you’re not listening to Pink Floyd without at least a joint in your lungs?

Now, with the rise in legalization of cannabis throughout the US, the cannabis industry has made a legitimate partner out of you and your “stoner” friend’s musical tastes. From “luxury” lines like Jay-Z’s Monogram, to Shavo Odadjian’s 22Red, to Carlos Santana’s Mirayo helping him and others to open a “door to divine wisdom.”

With name recognition and most artists with cannabis lines and strains being very much about weed life, this presents an opportunity to generate more income with an established fan base who are ready to consume what the artist puts out.

Furthering a brand and creating buzz can all be found in this industry caught ablaze. Chances are your favorite musician already has a strain, with more artists jumping on the herb train all the time.

So next time you feel like listening to “Doggystyle” grab a pre-roll of Leafs by Snoop and hit play! Relax with some Marley Natural while you remember every little thing is gonna be alright! Keep Willie’s Reserve always on your mind and chill to the sounds of Americana!

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!