For a lot of people when Billy Corgan’s name is brought up it usually invokes the unique sound of his vocals, catchy riffs, and a goth/emo image that usually doesn’t scream professional wrestling. However, these days you’re just as likely to hear Corgan’s name praised in the circles of pro wrestling fandom as the President and promoter of the National Wrestling Alliance(NWA).

As a lifelong fan of pro wrestling, Corgan made his first debut in the world of pro wrestling when he was a guest of Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW) in 1999/2000. After attempting to perform the National Anthem, Corgan was repeatedly interrupted by heel manager Lou E Dangerously, he then smashed his guitar over Dangerously’s head. 

In 2011 Corgan started his own promotion based in his hometown of Chicago, Resistance Pro where he would serve as a promoter and creative director. While not running many shows and failing to procure a TV deal, Corgan left his promotion in 2014 to become the Senior Producer of Creative and Talent Development for the Total Nonstop Action(TNA) promotion in 2015. This turned out to be a turbulent relationship that resulted in a messy lawsuit. 

In 2017 Corgan purchased the NWA. The once great collective of regional territories formed in 1948 had long since been more or less defunct. The “10 Pounds of Gold” as their title belt is referred to, was reduced to a prop for a cheap pop in promotions hoping to get some recognition in a WWE dominated landscape. When Corgan stepped in as President of the promotion, he promised to make the NWA a major name in the industry again by respecting its storied past and working toward a prosperous future for fans and wrestlers alike to enjoy. He continues to work hard at this as the NWA runs a regular YouTube show called NWA Powerrr as well as semi-regular PPV events that are generally well attended. 

About his NWA purchase, Corgan said, “…I want the history. I’ll take that history. I’ll take that on. I like the challenge of that.” 

This wrestling fan thinks he’s more than risen to the challenge.